Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Kid Room Inspiration - The Great Outdoors

I am not one for winter, snow and the bitter cold.  I dream all winter long about sandy beaches and sipping on fruit smoothies on my back porch.  But, winter is here and I'm learning not to wish it away as much anymore.  One thing I'm liking about winter, is that it gives me time to start some projects that I might overlook when the warm weather beckons me outside.  One project I am really looking forward to this winter/early spring is turning my son's room from a nursery into a big boy room.  Oh...wait....time for a real bed.  That will be interesting! 
I have two goals for it.  One, is to keep it a theme that he can grow into for a few years.  The second goal being, to keep the decorating budget under $200.  With those goals in mind, I have decided to go with a camping/lodge theme

My son comes from a long line of campers and my dad is a huge fan of Buffalo Plaid (red and black check).  Every year, he looks for Buffalo Plaid shirts that all of his grandsons can wear.  
The idea is to express the theme with simply stated items.  Purchasing some items that can covert into other themes if let's say in a couple years he prefers robots to camping. 
Like a red side table I already purchased from IKEA.....for $4!  How can you pass that up?!  That's cheaper than coffee at Starbucks.  Which leaves some room in the budget to splurge! 

Below is an inspiration board I created with some great finds that would make for a very woodsy little room.  Most of them are from Etsy to boot!  I'll be documenting my way through the decorating process...oh, and the crib to bed transition....fun!

teddy bear - sleepyking
camping sign - jandersonart
woodgrain pillow - maverickjune
log pillows - polkadotmoonbeams
burlap tent - Ruby Ju Blog
woodland chair - IKEA
hedgehog bookend - graphicspaceswood
fox storage bin - land of nod

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  1. For my holiday party, the theme was Apres Ski with lots of rustic wood decor. One of the best, low budget decor items that I did might work for you. I googled "vintage ski posters", sorted by high-res and then printed them on 11 by 14 paper. I threw those in Ikea frames that I had stained and used plaid wrapping paper as a faux mat and they looked unbelievable. I also scored great lodge decor at the Christmas Tree Shop. Not sure if they have those by you. Best of luck! Can't wait to see how it turns out!