Thursday, January 6, 2011

Valentine's Day FREEBIE!

We still have a lot of time to get our sweeties something...well, sweet..for Valentine's Day but there's nothing wrong with getting a little jump on things, right?  I posted some Valentine's Day cards the other day and what better to send along with them, than some chocolate?  Though chocolate speaks for itself in its goodness and deliciousness, a little fun packaging will surely make your sweetie melt...not the chocolate. 
Sized to fit a standard size Hershey Bar (1.55oz), I have few in my shop now but here is a FREE one just for you!
Click HERE to download


  1. These are adorable! However, I am having a hard time accessing them. It is telling me that I need to ask you permission to give me access to your KeepandShare file.

  2. Sorry about that! I changed the server where I have it loaded so try again and see if it works. Thanks for letting me know there was an issue :)

  3. I love these, thank you for the freebie!