Thursday, March 3, 2011

Five Years Ago....remembering my wedding

Well, if you live in the Northeast, you know it's been a long and very white winter.  We eagerly await Spring and what comes with it - green grass, fresh flowers and warm breezes.  I love the first week of March.  Though it's still Winter, I feel like Spring is just around the corner.  It's also a great time for me as I celebrate both my birthday and my wedding anniversary.  I decided to go through all my wedding photos and couldn't stop staring at all the photos of the flowers!  I have a little collage below of some of my favorite details shots. 
If you can't tell my the name of my shop, I obviously I have a thing for the color green.  I had green hydrangea, ivory roses and bells of Ireland for my most of the my flowers.  For the centerpieces on the tables, I had white and mint green carnations in metal tins.  When carnations are bunched up together, they actually look really nice and not so....well... carnation-y.  I had carnation wreaths hang from the chairs my husband and I sat in.  We had a very small wedding of only about 50 guests.  So no head table and the wreaths were a perfect touch to show where the NEW Mr. and Mrs. would be sitting.
My husband deployed to Afghanistan two weeks after we were married.  We wanted to get married before he left so the wedding was planned in record time (6 weeks!).  Thankfully, it being winter, finding vendors and a venue wasn't too difficult.  But with not much time to get things done, I wasn't allowed the luxury of researching and taking my time to think out each detail.  But I knew I wanted LOTS of fresh flowers and I was not going to go cheap on them.  I found an awesome florist and I think she leaped into my head because when all the arrangements arrived, it was exactly how I envisioned everything. 
When it came to my dress, I wanted to look very simple.  I wanted to look back at photos and think "I could wear that again."  So, after trying on several wedding gowns, I thought, maybe a gown wasn't what I needed...maybe I needed a dress.  So I tried on bridesmaid dresses!  I picked an ivory bridesmaid dress and a very long veil.  Perfect! 
Here's a look at us on that very day.  Happy Anniversary, Danny!  Five years of complete joy!


  1. Gorgeous photos, Katie! What a great story. Happy birthday & anniversary!

    - Amy

  2. Wow, I'm speechless over this! Your wedding is so enchanting and dreamlike! Everyone looked very happy, and every moment was seemingly priceless! How I wish I was there in your wedding too!