Thursday, September 1, 2011

We are tickled pink!.....and yellow and grey

I am been neglecting my facebook and blog over this summer but I assure you...I have reason!  Let's first say that pregnancy and summer are never the ideal combination.  I will say, I did have a great summer with my son.  Doing some pool play dates and park outings.  I tried my best to keep up with him while melting in the sun.  I can't say I am sad to see the cool breezes coming our way.  It is a welcomed change and just means we are much closer to meeting our baby GIRL

I've been busy this summer preparing her nursery with lots of homemade touches.  Then my computer decided to quit on me and I had to shut down my Etsy shop for three weeks waiting for it to be fixed.  I was definitely not pleased with having to wait that long for my computer to be fixed.  It's a brand new computer so it was frustrating to see it need such a big fix.  I can't say I didn't appreciate the forced vacation.  Great, quality time with my son and a chance to just slow down and enjoy the sunshine (well...enjoying it under the shade). 

I wanted to share with you all what I did with the nursery.  Pink is not my color of choice.  So, I knew I wanted to try something different but still feminine.  I saw a great bedding set at Target that is yellow and grey and knew that was it.  Love Target!  From there, I decided to throw in splashes of pink since the all yellow and grey palette was looking a little too dull. 

My grandpa had made me for me when I was younger, a white display case to look like a house. I can't remember what I had displayed so I painted tiny wooden dolls to sit in there for now until ELLA begins to collect her own little things she wants displayed.

I also made a little hoop art with fabric appliqued mary jane shoes.  Oh, did I mention I also got back into sewing this summer?  Talk about nesting!!!  I hadn't sewn in over 15 years and bought the machine, hoping I would open the box and just remember all what I had been taught....and I did!  Well...mostly.  I'm not going to show you the bibs I made!  They will work but aren't the most beautiful things out there.

The yellow mama and baby birds on the shelf match the bedding perfectly.  I was so happy to have discovered those.  I spray painted the frame pink.  Spray paint is the best!  If you find something you like in the wrong color, just spray paint it.  I also spray painted the ornate oval frame that I found at IKEA.  Add in some yellow fabric and you have a custom piece!

So....with the arrival of baby number two coming in October, I will be closing down my Etsy shop from October 1st until January 2nd.  I want to thank all of you that have supported my business over the past three years.  There is nothing like doing what you love everyday. 


  1. Hi! You designed my daughters 2nd birthday party paper goods last February. I went to your etsy page to show a friend who's planning a birthday when I found the link to your blog. First of all, love the blog! Secondly, congratulations on your new addition!! When was your daughter born? Our second daughter was born 6 weeks ago on 10/25. How are things going? Anyway, just wantd to say hello!

  2. Congrats!! What is that yellow color you used on the walls? I love it.

  3. hi!
    so sweet your girl room!
    many greetings from berlin!

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